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Buying or Selling and Investment in Business Enterprises

BIZEXINDIA.COM (The e-Exchange for M&A) provides direct opportunity to the Entrepreneurs, Advisors and Investors to get introduced to each other and explore Merger & Acquisition, Business expansion opportunities, Business Buy and Sale deals.

We provide platform of an independent, confidential, reliable and easy to use an e-market to business owners and advisors seeking to buy business or sell business (full or partial) and investment in business enterprises within India. The portal enables the subscribers to perform many tasks themselves. The portal makes it easier to find buyer and seller of business according to their requirements of industry, geographic region, products, turnover, profitability etc. BIZEXINDIA also uses its in-house expertise and professional relationship with investors and market intermediaries to find suitable match for enterprise buy and sale leads and Business deals.

We provide user interface for online listing by Advisers, Consultants, Investors and Entrepreneurs. You can post your listing in a simple three step listing submission process.

  1. Log-in and go to my account and select package
  2. Fill up Business details
  3. Payment mode selection (through 100% secure network) and signup.  

Once your listing is activated you are ready for receiving the proposals against your Business Buy and Sale listing.

Advantages of Listing on BizexIndia

  • 24X7 Update and Presence
  • 3 Months Term
  • Cheaper and more felxible than traditional offline advertisement
  • High traffic site for Mergers and Acquisitions transactions
  • Bold Header and Proirity positioning
  • Full business description
  • Reliable and secure
  • Specilised search and many more added features

Strategic mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures

We provide services for

  • Finding the target Enterprise
  • Identifying the right candidate
  • Negotiation for deal and other terms

Our portal is a virtual meeting place to subscribers. This is a special category of service. We directly or through our nationwide business partners assist to identify and create the best synergies by backward or forward integration or expansion of the enterprise.

On regular basis thousands of serious visitors from M&A industry, Investors, corporate and investment community visit our website. This will surely help you to find the appropriate counter party to get the transaction opportunity.

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We provide platform of an independent, confidential, reliable and easy to use an e-market to business owners and advisors seeking to buy or sell (full or partial) business enterprises within India.

Value A Business

Fair Business Valuation Services is a quick check reference point for business owners or advisors seeking an indication of likely value of a particular business transaction.