Due Diligence

Business due diligence services

This segment of the company provides expert, independent & confidential business due diligence services. Due diligence provides buyers secure and handy advisory services bringing more confidence among buyer & investor about their acquisition target. We cover Accounting & Legal and Commercial due diligence services. We analyze the knitty gritties of all these matters and handle the discrepancies & risks involved if any and make it most convenient for the clients and users.

For further details please contact support@bizexindia.com ;

List Your Business

We provide platform of an independent, confidential, reliable and easy to use an e-market to business owners and advisors seeking to buy or sell (full or partial) business enterprises within India.

Value A Business

Fair Business Valuation Services is a quick check reference point for business owners or advisors seeking an indication of likely value of a particular business transaction.