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BIZEXINDIA.COM (The e-Exchange for M&A) provides direct opportunity to the Entrepreneurs, Advisors and Investors to get introduced to each other and explore Merger & Acquisition, Business expansion opportunities and Business deals.

BIZEXINDIA.COM is an integrated platform for Business Enterprise Buy – Sale, Match Making and Advisory Services for Mergers & Acquisitions. We give a special focus on MSMEs and unleash opportunities for their organic and inorganic growth.

BIZEXINDIA.COM provides user interface for online listing by Advisers, Consultants, Investors and Entrepreneurs. You can post your listing in a simple three step listing submission process and seek direct responses from the interested parties and execute Business deals.

Globalization and liberalization have opened up lot of cross border transaction opportunities. Many foreign markets are being accessed by Indian business enterprises, while many international mid size business houses are keen for having business presence in India.

Over the past few years, India has shown resilience by not only being an important destination for M&A’s but also by being active in acquiring international companies. In the current scenario, there will be more encouragement for consolidation and profitability together with improving scale of operations. As the Company’s primary target is MSME’s e-exchange for M&A, there is huge number of business transactions in this area. We offer great transparency among the buyers and sellers. Now a days buyers and sellers are increasingly turning towards online media and internet to search for their counterparties for business buy and sale leads.

Are you looking for business for sale in India. Are you looking for Venture Capital Financing in India. Are you looking for foreign Investor in India. Are you looking for Business loans and financing in India. We facilitate opportunity in the business by showing strategic advantages among them as Acquisitions and sell off, Joint Ventures, Strategic Alliances etc. We provide the expertise to take the business to the next level. If you are looking for Business deals your search stop here.

Promoter / Directors / Founders

Bizexindia is a team of Business and M&A professionals spread across India & overseas and primarily lead by :

Mr. Dishant Sagwaria -  

A Chartered Accountant having experience of 15 years. He held various Senior Level Management positions in the Capital Market. Earlier He had worked as a Senior Vice President with IL&FS and HSBC for their Securities Broking company at Mumbai. He has also served as the CEO for ASE Capital Markets Ltd. a Subsidiary of Ahmedabad Stock Exchange Ltd and of VSE Stock Services Ltd. a Subsidiary of Vadodara Stock Exchange Ltd.



Mr. Pradip K Modi -  

A Chartered Accountant having experience of 20 years having specialization in international and domestic taxation, International and domestic funding (Private Equity / Venture Capital), international business development, global strategic integration ( M&A ) and Renewable energy projects. 


Mr. K Venkatachalam -  ( Vice President - M&A)

A qualified Chartered Accountant having Masters in Finance from USA having experience of more than 30 years in the field of Corporate Finance and Investment Banking. In the past he head the treasury operations of a large Airlines company in overseas posting and also servced as a Director Investment Banking of US based Investment Banking Group in India.


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List Your Business

We provide platform of an independent, confidential, reliable and easy to use an e-market to business owners and advisors seeking to buy or sell (full or partial) business enterprises within India.

Value A Business

Fair Business Valuation Services is a quick check reference point for business owners or advisors seeking an indication of likely value of a particular business transaction.